Airbnb Hosts and Mayor Hales Mingle with Portland’s Tourism and Business Leaders

On April 29th, the Airbnb Portland office opened its doors to bring together our hosts, Mayor Charlie Hales, Travel Portland, the Portland Business Alliance, Oregon Environmental Council, and a variety of neighborhood merchant groups.


“What you do as hosts to be ambassadors for our city, to be anchors in our neighborhoods, introduce people to our neighborhoods, I think that is a great public service.” Mayor Charlie Hales said. “There are lots of ways we are sharing in the sharing economy and it is a really good fit with who we are as Portlanders.”

Nancy Truszkowski, the Director of Partner Services for Travel Portland, spoke about the importance of Airbnb hosts to the tourism ecosystem in the city, stating that they are important partners to help host the influx of visitors attending large-scale events Travel Portland brings to the city every year. Sandra McDonough, the CEO of the Portland Business Alliance, also emphasized the ways Airbnb hosts and their guests support the local economy and businesses throughout the city.

Neighborhood merchants associations from around the city – The Belmont, Williams Avenue, Multnomah Village, and Mississippi Avenue – along with Wildwood Adventures, brought information about their organizations and member businesses to share with hosts so that they could help their guests discover and support the local business community.


Hosts enjoyed the event – the food, the company, the speakers:

“As far as Friday dinner, it was amazing. I’ve never felt as part of a company as I do Airbnb (without working for the company.) There are always good, interesting people at the events, and the Airbnb team are always so amazing, social and willing to help and be friendly,” said Brent W., a Portland host.

“Hands down, the peak of the evening for me was seeing and listening to Mayor Charlie Hales. Debi and I constantly watch the news reports about Airbnb in different cities and countries, and as he spoke, I was thinking that there is only a handful of cities at most in the entire country where these words would be spoken by their Mayors. How refreshing and validating to hear him thank us for “being ambassadors for the city”, for “making the city great”, for “introducing visitors to Portland” and for just being an important part of this vibrant city,” said Portland host Rob H.

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