Airbnb Community Gives A Boost to the Portland Economy

Home sharing allows people to turn one of their greatest expenses – their home – into a tool to make ends meet. When Airbnb hosts share their homes with visitors, they earn meaningful supplemental income. At the same time, Airbnb guests visit stores and restaurants in the neighborhoods they’re staying in, generating economic activity at local businesses and supporting local jobs.

The Rose City is home to a growing community of responsible home sharers. Today, we are excited to release more information about our host community and the guests who visit Portland.

This new report is based on data from January 2015 to January 2016. During that time, 191,000 Airbnb guests visited Portland and more than 170,000 Portlanders used Airbnb in their travels.

Here are some highlights from the report:

Responsible home sharing fuels the local economy
Airbnb generated $128.5 million in total economic impact in Portland. Airbnb hosts earned $30.5 million in supplemental income. Airbnb guests generated $118 million in direct spending at Portland businesses. Airbnb guest spending supported 1,900 jobs.

Making ends meet
The typical host earns $8,900 per year on Airbnb. Hosts use more than half of their Airbnb income to pay their rent or mortgage and other regular household bills and expenses. This is particularly true for senior hosts. More than half of hosts over age 50 use Airbnb income to afford their homes.

A diverse hosting community
Portland is home to 2,900 hosts who hosted guests in 2015. The average host is 43 years old. Over one-third work in education, health services, art, design or other creative fields. They come from diverse income brackets, with a significant portion below area median income (AMI): 36% of Portland hosts have an annual household income of less than $64,000 a year (120 AMI). The typical host shares her space on a casual, infrequent basis. Nearly 80% host less than half the year and nearly 30% share their space between one and 30 nights a year.

Guests stay longer and spend more in neighborhoods
As a result of where guests stay, more money is spent at local businesses. Airbnb visitors spend $804 per trip. More than half of that, or $429 per guest per trip*, is spent in the neighborhood in which he or she stays. With Airbnb listings in more than 80 Portland neighborhoods, those tourism dollars are spread across the city, outside of traditional hotel districts. The typical Airbnb guest stays in Portland for 3.4 nights, while the typical hotel guest stays 2.4 nights.

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*includes accommodation spending