Portland Oregon

Over three years ago, two local Portland Airbnb hosts started a conversation with City Hall about how to make it easier to share the home in which they live. The resulting legislation made Portland the first city in the world to pass home sharing regulations.

Today, Airbnb collects and remits taxes on behalf of our hosts. This last year alone, we helped generate $128.5 million in economic activity and supported 1,900 jobs across Portland’s many neighborhoods and small businesses. We continue to work with the city to promote responsible hosting and to make it possible for every Portlander to share the home in which they live.

64% of hosts over age 60 use Airbnb to help stay in their homes.

1,900 jobs supported from Airbnb guest spending

$128.5 million total economic impact

Spotlight: Meet Sarah, neighborhood ambassador, part-time comedian, full-time Airbnb host

Sarah believes travel opens doors and hearts, and emboldens people to share personal stories. “People become more vulnerable, and are more open to tell you things that they might be embarrassed or ashamed to tell people back home.” she says. “And when you hear these personal tales, you feel like you carry a piece of it in your heart.” For Sarah it also goes both ways. “I told many of my guests about my divorce,” she says. “And my guests helped me through it, because many of them have gone through the same thing.”

“When you hear these personal tales, you feel like you carry a piece of it in your heart.”

Portland’s first-ever independent home sharing conference is a smash hit

On Saturday, April 22nd, over 200 Portland hosts successfully gathered for Host2Host, a first-ever full-day home sharing conference organized and executed independently by hosts. The conference brought together hosts from around the northwest, including as far away as Canada, to support connection, education, and advancement for home sharing.

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Airbnb economic impact in Portland

Airbnb guests directly spent $118 million at Portland businesses, supporting 1,900 jobs.

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